Making a Home Office that Works for You

It seems that nowadays people are working from home with more and more frequency. Whether it is because of family, the commute, or just personal preference, it is certainly a growing trend. The issue is that when working from home, most people do not have a well-designed, or maybe not even a dedicated, working space. That’s something that can create some issues with productivity, and even your personal life.

So here are some tips on making or improving your home office so that it works better for you.

Dedicated Work Space

When you decide to work from home you may think “Oh, I can just work from my kitchen table,” or something similar to that, but that may not be as good of an idea as you think.

First, working at your kitchen table can come with a lot of issues with organization, as you will likely have nowhere to put your things to keep them organized. And once it’s time to clean it all up for dinner? Forget about it. And let’s not even mention the distractions of food or the television if it is within sight or earshot. And even if you already have an office in your home, having stresses such as bills and mail lying around can be a distraction as well.

Having a dedicated space, even if it is not a full blown office, but simply just a desk in the corner of a quiet room, can help to keep you organized and limit distractions.


This is something that often gets overlooked in the home office, especially if you do not have a dedicated space as mentioned above.

One ergonomic thing to always keep in mind when setting up your home office is the lighting. Having a window behind your computer monitor or behind you can create glare and increase eye strain. Having natural lighting is a good thing, though, and making sure the interior lighting Is a t a good level is important too.

Now when kitting out your office it is important to have a comfortable and supportive chair. A good office chair, combined with good posture habits, can help to prevent back, neck, and other body aches and pains. A good desk is also an important piece of equipment. Not only does it have to look good, but it has to be functional and ergonomic as well. A good desk can keep you organized and can help with your posture. You can even purchase sit-stand work stations, such as the Ergotech Freedom DeskFreedom Stand, or One Touch in order to make your desk even more ergonomic by allowing you to switch between sitting and standing.

Work-Life Balance

When you work from home it invites your family and friends into your work life, and your work into your family life. That makes it even more important to keep a good balance between the two.

Often when working from home you may find issues with your friends or family disturbing you during your work hours. You could also find yourself doing work during family time. You must be able to communicate with your family and set a time schedule for when you will be working and need to be left alone or the house to be quiet, as well as when it is time for you to put the work away and focus on your personal life.

Working from home can have a ton of advantages, from saving time, to saving gas, to adding more flexibility. You just have to make sure that when you work from home, your office will put you in the best position for you to succeed.